Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quantum Electric's Tribute to Paris Victims on Flatiron Building

A massive illuminated tribute to Paris and the victims of last week’s terrorist attack appeared on New York City’s iconic Flatiron building last night, to the surprise of many commuters and passersby.

On the eastern flank of the oddly shaped structure cycled images in light of Paris’s best known monument, the Eiffel Tower, along with the City of Light’s motto in both Latin and English.

“She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.”

The organizers of the tribute, Richard Sobel, owner of Long Island City-based Quantum Electric Corp. and Veronica Mainetti, majority owner of the Flatiron building, said they decided to arrange the unprecedented display as the aftermath of the brutal attacks became evident.

“I think they can immediately feel the solidarity,” Mainetti said of the dozens who gathered in Madison Square Park to stare up at the tribute.

“We felt a sense of connection with our oldest ally, France,” Sobel said. “We wanted to get people thinking, remembering.”

Mainetti said she and Sobel scrambled to commandeer an empty apartment on the 27th floor of a building across the street from which the massive images were projected on to the Flatiron Building’s side.

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