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Contractor Responsibilities for Workplace Safety and Health

The Association of Electrical Contractors recently hosted two dynamic speakers at their membership meeting on Wednesday, September 17th, at Terrace on the Park in Flushing. The ElectricWeb was invited to attend the presentation given by Michael Johnston, a nationally renowned expert on safety in the electrical construction industry and NECA's Executive Director of Standards Safety. Among his duties are managing the codes, standards and safety functions for NECA.

Mr. Johnston discussed NECA's NFPA 70E Employer Responsibilities Guide and how it benefits electrical contractors.

The newly released guide forms a basis for a contractor's compliance with NFPA 70E. It details planning and documentation requirements to effectively communicate risks to customers as well as to employees.

Mr. Johnston also provided a live demonstration of NECA's new Safety Meeting App.

With the electrical construction industry experiencing rapid changes in technology and operational methods, it is critical that electrical contractors stay up-to-speed with industry advances that affect workplace safety and health.

In addition to the presentation by Mr. Johnston, NECA's Executive Director for Government Affairs, Marco Giamberardino spoke with the membership about the benefits that NECA's government affairs program provides to New York City electrical contractors.

About the AEC

The Association of Electrical Contractors promotes pro-business legislation and offers an opportunity for Electrical Contractors to have a direct say in the industry, and its future.

AEC represents all its members with regards to labor negotiations, relations and problem solving. Membership entitles you to a comprehensive benefit package included in your dues, and offers various insurance programs.

AEC is the liaison between your company and various City, State and Federal Agencies including Building Trade Employees Association, Bureau of Electrical Control, School Construction Authority, Department of Design and Construction, Dormitory Authority and ConEd.

Networking is made easy at monthly AEC membership meetings. AEC also provides access to several publications geared towards electrical contractors, including the ElectricWeb|Newsletter. Add your voice...
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