Sunday, February 3, 2013

These Projects Will Change the Way NY Does Business

Infrastructure and a good strong transit system are what allow this city to work. Those who cannot afford Manhattan are moving to Williamsburg, Astoria, Canarsie, and Jackson Heights. All those places are booming because of good transit. In addition, people are no longer leaving the city as they used to. In fact, experts predict the population will grow by one to one-and-a-half million over the next decade. The following four projects will be game-changers. Changing the way New Yorkers do business in the future.

East Side Access:
When this $8 billion project is completed in 2018, it will allow Long Island Railroad trains to travel directly into Grand Central Terminal.

Not only will this increase the capacity of the LIRR by 40 percent, it will provide a host of new opportunities for businesses on the East Side of Manhattan.

[see ElectricWeb | Blogger, Jan 29, 2012]

Having all these people traveling in and out of the city and spending disposable income here will help drive the local economy.

Second Avenue Subway:
The Second Avenue Subway will reduce overcrowding and delays on the Lexington Avenue line, improving travel for both city and suburban commuters, and provide better access to transit for east side residents.

The target completion date for the first phase, from 63rd Street to 96th Street, is 2016.

[see ElectricWeb | Blogger, Apr 16, 2012]

When it is done, it will change the nature of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There will be tremendous opportunities for businesses that support residential and office areas.

No. 7 Line Extension:
If you have ever tried to get to the Jacob Javits Convention Center by foot or bus, you know it is a pain. The extension of the No. 7 line from Times Square to West 34th Street and 11th Avenue, slated to be complete in June 2014, is creating New York’s next neighborhood on the Far West Side of Manhattan.

The subway extension will make it possible for new housing, restaurants and entertainment to grow on the Far West Side.The new subway terminal will also improve service reliability for all riders of the No. 7 in Queens and Manhattan by providing additional storage space for trains.

There will be offices and residences and they will need entertainment, food, and other support from local small businesses. [see ElectricWeb | Blogger, Apr 9, 2012]

The Gateway Project:
Once funded, this mega-project will provide much-needed relief for New Jersey and Northeast corridor commuters.

Amtrak wants to build two new tunnels under the Hudson River and expand two existing tunnels that it owns and that are also used by New Jersey Transit. This will provide a better flow of passengers between New York and New Jersey, and provide for better LIRR and Amtrak access.

Increasing this capacity goes to the heart of additional development—city-to-city companies that want to locate in the Hudson Yards area because of good access to the rest of the Northeast corridor. You could walk three blocks from your office and take the Acela to Washington D.C. or Boston.

The earliest completion date would be 2025. It is still in the early stages, but many influential people are working together to make this happen. Keep your eyes and ears open.