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$231M Mixed-Use Project in Yaphank to Start Construction this Fall

Yonkers-based developer, AVR Realty, plans to begin construction later this year on Phase 1 of a long-delayed housing and retail project at the former Parr Meadows racetrack site on William Floyd Parkway. A legal challenge brought by an environmental group had stalled the $231 million Meadows at Yaphank project after the Brookhaven Town Board approved zoning changes three years ago.

The Meadows at Yaphank is a $231 million, mixed-use, master planned sustainable community on 322 acres that will include a mix of 850 housing units, a 220-room hotel and 327,000 square feet of retail space.

The project site is located at the northwest corner of the Long Island Expressway (I-495, exit 68) and William Floyd Parkway (CR 46), in Yaphank.

The proposed project includes a mix of residential, retail, office/flex, restaurants, and a 220-room hotel. Phase 1 includes 240 residences that will feature a mix of town houses, condos and rentals.

Estimates are that the 10-year-long overall project would result in the creation of 811 full-time-equivalent construction jobs and 2,681 permanent full-time-equivalent positions and have an overall economic impact of more than $351 million.

Meadows at Yaphank - Master Plan

The Vision for the Meadows at Yaphank is one of Sustainability; a community that is planned today, but remains vibrant and active for generations to come.

The Meadows at Yaphank is just that, with a mix of uses; residential, retail, office, hospitality, public parks, and open space. Each one of these uses helps to support the other and become an integral part of the greater community.

The Office and Retail uses create much needed jobs for the region, and the Residential component provides purchasing power. Through diverse development and compact building designs, more open space is preserved and the community becomes a vibrant and successful place, combating the elements of “sprawl”.

Commercial Component     
  Retail                       327,500 sf   
  Restaurant                   5,000 sf   
  Office/Industrial       550,000 sf   
  220-Room Hotel        150,000 sf   
Residential Component
  Townhouses              332 Units   
  Condominiums          294 Units   
  Rental Apartments    224 Units   

The Meadows Village Green

The residential component of the Meadows will consist of 224 apartments, 294 condominiums, and 332 townhouses within a traditionally modeled neighborhood.

In keeping with the tax positive goal of the project, over 300 of these homes will be restricted to residents over 55 years of age. Homes reserved for seniors will also provide a healthy balance within the community essential for sustainability.

In addition to having a variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance of their homes, the residence of The Meadows will benefit from a host of amenities within their community.

There will be playing courts, parks, playgrounds, open spaces, as well as, bike and walking trails all near by for their enjoyment and relaxation.

The Meadows Towne Center

The Meadows Towne Center will be the retail component of this master planned community. It has been substantially scaled back from the previously approved 850,000sf retail use on this property.

In addition to a reduction in square footage, the nature and character of the retail component has changed from a regional retail center serving a larger market area, to a neighborhood center serving nearby residential communities.

With 327,500sf of retail space it is anticipated that The Meadows Towne Center will contain an anchor store, a supermarket, and a variety of smaller retail uses. All will be within walking distance of the residential units and the office park.

The larger anchor store and supermarket will have landscaped parking areas directly in front of their stores, while the smaller retailers will be located along the center boulevard, creating a downtown Main Street feel.

While there will be several access points to the center the main access will be off of William Floyd Parkway through a main boulevard with landscaped medians. Traffic circles are strategically located along the boulevard as a natural traffic calming feature, but also provide an attractive visual feature to the roadway.

The Meadows Commons Office Park   

The Commons Office Park will be the corporate anchor for the community, providing a stimulus for sustainable job growth in the region.
Totaling 550,000sf of gross floor area, The Meadows Commons Office Park will contain a variety of office, industrial, or flex space suitable for businesses large or small.

Similar to the retail area, the larger corporate users are envisioned to be located within the landscaped parking areas, while the smaller offices and local service providers will be situated along the main and connecting boulevards.

The main access points to the office park will be off of William Floyd Parkway through the main boulevard or from the service road of the Long Island Expressway. In addition to municipal bus service it is anticipated that a shuttle bus service will also run from the office park to local train stations.

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