Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Downtown Huntington to get $15M Boutique Hotel

The Huntington planning board has granted conditional approval to convert the historic Old Town Hall into a hotel. The owners of the property on Long Island’s picturesque North Shore plan to bring the building at 227 Main Street and Stewart Avenue back to life as an intimate 55-room boutique hotel, with a new four-story addition to be built behind the existing historic structure. Old Town Hall, built in 1910 and featuring a four-dial clock tower, ceased operation in 1979 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The developer plans to break ground early next year.

Architect Joseph Scarpulla worked with the Historical Preservation Committee on the exterior design and has been able to join the floors of the new building with the floor of the Historic building.

The two buildings will be connected by a glass atrium, allowing the two structures to stand independently, with the existing building used for a lobby, reception area, office space, conference room and bar.

The new three-story addition - with one story underground for parking (which counts as four stories), will be built above an existing parking lot on Stewart Avenue. The guest room wing takes architectural features and materials of the historic building and incorporates them into an up to date structure that brings the complex into the 21st Century.

The room section of the building will be a new wing developed on a Steel Platform rising three floors above a parking lot with Modular oversized Hotel Rooms. The rooms will be 13.5’ x 30’ and will have large bathrooms. The rooms will be developed in Berwick, Pennsylvania by Deluxe Building Systems.

The reason to use this process is time and cost. The development time should be reduced by some 7 months, and the cost is less as it is built in a factory as a process.

In addition, before the room modular is delivered, electric, plumbing, sprinkler system, flooring including marble and carpet, bathrooms and wall décor are installed within the factory process.

The hotel, which will include a roof using an environmentally friendly vegetative material to help ease drainage issues will feature high end décor and have a cocktail lounge, breakfast area, lobby, in house laundry, and meeting rooms.

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