Monday, August 5, 2013

Born in America – Made in America

Although you do not often hear about growth in domestic manufacturing here in the United States, the electrical and lighting industry is steadily growing and re-establishing a manufacturing presence here at home. The electrical and lighting industries were born of U.S. ingenuity and R&D, and are now riding the crest of a nationwide trend toward American manufacturing and production.

TheElectricWeb is pleased to highlight the following American-made products available from our sponsors: 

•  HEFTI Steel Boxes & Fabrication
•  Champion Fiberglass
•  Lauren-T Enterprises

HEFTI manufactures unlimited variations of enclosures and plates available in various NEMA ratings, materials and finishes.
  • Enclosures & Plates
  • Crown Boxes
  • FDNY Boxes
  • Grates
  • Junction Boxes
  • Pull Boxes, Riser Plates
  • Slab Boxes
  • Telephone Boxes
  • Trough & Wireway
  • Switchboard Cabinets
  • Copper Buss Bars
  • Replacement Covers, Panels and Trims

HEFTI fabricates all types of custom brackets and structural steel supports – engineered in a variety of materials and NEMA ratings.  We also provide all custom and standard hardware and accessories, as well as custom paints and finishes to fulfill your specific needs.

Custom Transit Brackets used for:
Arch Bar, Cable Cleats, Conduit Strap, Messenger Wire Support, etc

Jobsite Material Handling:
Cages & Cribs, Dollies, Manhole Cages

Custom Hardware:
Anchors, J-Bolts, Light Pole Base Hardware, U-Bolts

Structural Raw Material:
Angles, H-Beams, I-Beams, W4-Beams, Channels, Flat Stocks, Pipe, Rod, Tubing

Various Supports:
Conduit Racks, Pipe Sleeves, Pipe Supports, Transformer Stands


Champion Duct®
Champion Haz Duct XW Type®
Flame Shield® Phenolic Conduit
Champion Hangers®
Champion Strut®

Learn about all the ways our conduit systems
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Lauren T. Enterprises, Inc. is a DBE-Certified and WBE-Certified company that provides a large variety of construction material throughout the Tri-State area.

Precast Concrete Products
  - Manholes, Handholds, Vaults, Boxes, Drywells, Basins
       All Ratings: Sidewalk-Rated, Roadway-Rated, Aircraft-Rated, 
         Fiber Optic-Rated - All Agency Specs: Con Edison Property Line Boxes 
         (B-36, DB-6, M8, M11-6, PL-24, TS), Fire Dept Boxes, DOT Lighting & DOT Traffic Boxes, 
         Service End Boxes, Port Authority Boxes
 - Light Pole Base Foundations, Ballasts
 - Light Pole Caps & Mats
 - Transformer Pads, Equipment & Material Pads
         All Agency Specs: Con Edison, LIPA, MTA, PSE&G
        *Lauren T. Enterprises is the Exclusive Distributor for the MTA-Approved New York Transit 
         NYCTA Precast Concrete Material Pad
 - Conduit - Straight Ends, Bell Ends, Bends (Various Degrees), Adapters, Couplings
 - Portable Barriers
 - Road Slabs
 - Pavers & Blocks

Cast & Polymer Products
  - Cast Iron Frames & Covers, Cast & Steel Gratings, Cast & Steel Doors
         All Ratings: Sidewalk-Rated, Roadway-Rated, Aircraft-Rated, Fiber Optic-Rated
         All Inscriptions
 - Cast Iron Boxes, Cast Aluminum Boxes, Explosion-Proof Housings
 - Polymer Concrete Boxes & Handholds
 - Plastic, Polymer, Polyethylene Enclosures
 - Submersible Boxes
 - Ground Test Wells

Accessories, Hardware, & Other Components
 - Cable Rack Stanchions, Arms, & Insulators
 - Crabs, Limiters
 - Extension Risers, Increment Rings
 - Link-Seal®
 - Vibration Pads