Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Louis Shiffman Electric Rolls Out Hybrid Delivery Fleet

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and embrace clean energy technologies, Brooklyn-based Louis Shiffman Electric placed its first hybrid trucks into service this month. The four new diesel-electric trucks are expected to cut fuel usage up to 35 percent and idling time by 60 percent, when compared to typical diesel vehicles, and also reduce maintenance costs.

With the addition of the four new hybrid box trucks, the Shiffman delivery fleet now totals twelve vehicles, including two flatbed trucks with knuckle boom lifts.

The company plans convert its entire fleet to hybrid diesel-electric technology over the next few years, as leases from Hub Truck Leasing mature.

“Hybrid technology helps us reduce emissions and fuel use as we work to increase the efficiency of our fleet.” says Nick Cetta, president of Louis Shiffman Electric. “Our plan is to plan is to eventually make all our vehicles green”

The Hino hybrid decreases particulate emissions by 96 percent and travels 57 percent farther on a gallon of fuel than a conventional diesel truck, reducing fuel costs by more than one third.

Hino’s hybrid power train combines a diesel engine and electric motor to drive the vehicle.  A computer determines the most efficient combination, depending on current operating conditions and driver demand.
A four-cylinder engine replaces the six-cylinder typical used in delivery vehicles.

The engine size is reduced because of the added power provided by the electric motor

Batteries capture and store energy during the "regenerative braking" phase of the vehicle's operation, providing a source of stored electric power for the motor during future acceleration. 

This balance between conventional and electric technology improves environmental performance and decreases fuel use.

The hybrid electric truck's operating characteristics remain virtually unchanged from that of a conventionally powered vehicle.
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