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Pre-Qualify for $750 Million in Hurricane Sandy Recovery Work

The City of New York is committed to rebuilding neighborhoods and homes impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This past spring, the City’s Build it Back program, in partnership with DDC, brought on three new construction managers to tackle $750 million in construction work.

Contractors can register to participate in Build it Back as prime contractors and/or subcontractors for the program.

If your firm provides any of the following services, you are encouraged to apply:

  • Structural repair or replacement (foundations, subflooring, framing, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, roofing, siding, etc.)
  • Interior finishes (floors, bathroom tiles/fixtures, wall fixtures, kitchen cabinets, etc.)
  • Utility and service equipment (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, appliances)
  • Environmental remediation (lead, mold, asbestos)

Types of Contracts

All construction work will take place on 1 to 4 Family homes and will be procured through Pre-Qualified Lists (PQL). The City has issued Requests for Qualifications for the following PQLs:
Contracts of $300,000 or more
  • General Construction Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing Work
  • Mechanical Work
Contracts of $300,000 or less
  • General Construction Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing Work
  • Mechanical Work

To review the Requests for Qualifications, click here:
Request for Qualifications for PQL - Department of Design and Construction.

What is a PQL?

A PQL is a prequalified list of contractors and subcontractors who meet the requirements to participate as a bidder for Build-It Back projects.

Prequalification allows an agency to evaluate vendors for the provision of particular construction-related goods or services based on the vendor’s work experience, size, the estimated cost of a project, and other factors as determined by the Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO), before issuing a solicitation for a specific contract.

Pursuant to the New York City Procurement Policy Board Rule 3-10 and N.Y. General Municipal Law Section 103(15), prospective vendors must first pre-qualify for open PQLs.

Only those contractors successfully pre-qualified as a result of the RFQ process will be invited to bid on these projects.

Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan

Please be advised that for all construction contracts, the contractors and subcontractors awarded this work shall be subject to the Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan, in substantially the form included in the RFQ’s as Exhibit F.

Contractors and subcontractors awarded construction contracts above $300,000 are required to comply with the apprenticeship program and Project Labor Agreement (PLA) requirements set forth in the Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan as well as its other provisions, while contractors awarded construction contracts worth $300,000 or less must only comply with the other provisions.

In one of those provisions, the Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan encourages hiring Sandy-impacted residents as 20 percent of workers across the projects.  HRO and DDC encourage contractors in Sandy-impacted areas to apply for any or all of the eight PQLs.

The Construction Manager (CM) contract is subject to Local Law 1 of 2013, New York City’s MWBE Program.

The 25 percent MWBE Participation Goal will apply to the entire value of the contract in order to give the CM the most flexibility to meet the goals.

The goals may be met through the eight PQL contractors and subcontractors to the PQL contractors.  HRO and DDC encourage certified firms to apply for any or all of the eight PQL’s. Firms on the PQL’s will be required to identify their MWBE certification status.  This information will be provided to all CM’s.

For further information about upcoming DDC/ NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) workshops, outreach events, or MWBE certification please contact: 
Ms. Donna Pope
M/WBE Outreach Unit
NYC Department of Design & Construction
(718) 391-1156

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