Monday, June 23, 2014

Tallest Residential Tower Outside Manhattan to Rise in L.I.C.

Excavation is underway in Long Island City for what will soon become the city’s tallest residential building outside of Manhattan. Heatherwood Communities is building a 58-story skyscraper at 42-12 28th Street that will rise 646 feet and 8 inches to its pinnacle, making it significantly taller than any existing residential high-rise. The tower will contain 477 apartments with a pool, a gym, roof terraces, bike storage, underground parking and a small amount of ground floor retail space.
Indeed, at 646 feet, the skyscraper will become the tallest apartment building in either Brooklyn or Queens, and will stand a mere twelve feet shy of the monolithic One Court Square, which has dominated the Court Square skyline for over two decades, and 56 feet taller than Brooklyn's tallest building, 388 Bridge Street, which was completed last year.

With 477 units, 42-12 28th Street will also add a significant number of new residents to the burgeoning Court Square neighborhood, which is seeing a surge in development. Next-door,

Heatherwood recently completed 42-17 27th Street, branded 27 on 27th, which has 142 units.

In terms of square footage, the building will have 5,878 square feet of retail, and 392,824 square feet of residential space. Amenities will include a third-floor pool, gym, roof terraces on the 45th and 58th floors, bike storage, and underground parking.

The aesthetic is simple and glassy, typical of new developments in Long Island City, though zigzagging lines of a white material break up the facade’s monotony.

Above anything else, 42-12 28th Street’s defining characteristic will be its looming height, which will distinguish the structure from neighboring high-rises.

Given its scope and height, 42-12 28th Street will make a significant positive impact on the neighborhood and its skyline, helping the push towards the creation of a livable and walkable neighborhood in Court Square.

Designed by the architecture firm of Goldstein and Hill & West, the project is expected to be completed in June of 2017.

Once upon a time, Long Island City was a hotbed of industry, but over the last decade, it's become a hotbed for residential development, thanks to rezoning. Since then, roughly 5,000 units have been added to a 37 block area that encompasses the LIC neighborhoods of Court Square and Queens Plaza.

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Rockrose is another major participant in the area’s renaissance, and The Linc LIC — a 790-unit tower which was recently completed — will soon be joined by another skyscraper at 10 Court Square.

Height-wise, 10 Court Square will still play second-fiddle to 42-12 28th Street, as the former will only stand 50 stories and 509 feet.
Many more projects are still in the planning stages.

The race upwards is just beginning in Long Island City, and the momentum in Court Square is going to become apparent as the skyline will be completely transformed over the course of the next few years.

From warehouse conversions to the tallest residential building in Queens, there is a lot on the rise in Long Island City.

** Special thanks to Nikolai Fedak of New York YIMBY for the information in this article.

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