Friday, April 6, 2012

Upper East Side Residents Seek to Prevent New 15-Story Building

With the Toll Brothers purchase of two of the remaining 'little townhouses' on Park Avenue, and its plans to erect a new building on the site, neighbors are seeking an extension of the Carnegie Hill Historic District to prevent the 15-story tower from rising.

According to neighbors, the developer plans to bring a 15-story building where the two properties currently stand at 1110 Park Avenue and at 1108 Park Avenue, and residents who live in an adjacent building say the new structure would block their windows.

Carnegie Hill Neighbors, a neighborhood preservation organization, is recommending that residents of 1112 Park Avenue - which stands next to the developer-owned townhouses at 1110 Park and 1108 Park, and which Toll Brothers is reportedly eyeing - to write letters to the Landmarks Preservation Commission and ask for an extension of the historic district from 86th Street to 96th Street.

The three buildings stand between 89th and 90th streets. The residents of 1112 Park have hired a lawyer to prevent the Toll project from blocking their windows.

Recent articles have reported that Toll Bothers has asked the retail tenants at 1108 and 1110 Park Avenue to move out by July 1.