Sunday, January 6, 2013

Work at Allen Street Hotel Reactivated, Expected in 2014

The Allen Street Hotel, a sixteen-story stalled hotel project at 139 Orchard Street, which crashed and burned, is coming back to life. The unfinished $39 million eyesore on the Lower East Side which was capped by DAB Group in February 2011, and left for dead when banks foreclosed on an unpaid $5.5 million loan. 

Richter + Ratner, who intend to complete the final leg of construction, recently purchased the unfinished property for $28 million.

The project has a scheduled completion date of January 2014.

As if Orchard Street was not already in dire straits - what with stalled projects, towering hotels, and scattered demolition work - here it will stand sixteen stories of gleaming glass and steel, amidst blocks of decimated, low-rise tenements.

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