Friday, December 13, 2013

Checking-Inn: New Hotel Construction Projects

Looking for room at the inn? It'll soon be easier... New York is experiencing its biggest hotel expansion in a generation, attracting a host of developers betting that the good times will continue to roll. New hotel construction is booing throughout the city. As the pace increases, we are tracking approximately fifty hotel projects in various stages of development that will open over the next 18 months.  We have selected five projects which are about to begin construction for our list below:


Glassy 8-Story Addition for 17 John Street 

Earlier this year, Prodigy Network bought 17 John Street with plans to convert the existing 15-story brick apartment building, along with a dormitory at 84 William Street, into an extended-stay hotel.

Not only will the art deco building be converted, the developer is hoping to add an unusual penthouse — an eight-story glass tower topped with a rooftop deck and pool. Upon completion, the new building will stand 23-stories high.

The extended-stay hotel, designed by Dutch architect Winka Dubbeldam, is planned to meet the demand generated by the World Trade Center buildings nearing completion less than two blocks to the west.


Water Street Hotel to Rise in Dumbo

A building at 247 Water Street in Dumbo will soon be the site of an eight-story hotel featuring a roof deck and pool, along with private terraces with sweeping views of Manhattan.

The new 46,000-square-foot hotel will include a gym, restaurant and multiple lounges. The new building is expected to be completed by the end of 2014.

Standing beside the Brooklyn Bridge, the building previously housed a coffee processing plant, and most recently it contained apartments.

The landlord was accused by tenants back in 2001 of using tactics including filling their hallways with garbage, letting rats loose in their apartments and taking doors off their hinges in a bid to force them to move out of the building.

In 2004, just days after the owner paid tenants to vacate the building, it mysteriously caught fire, and was subsequently boarded up.


Under Construction in Long Island City 

Guess what is coming to 40th Avenue in Long Island City. Another hotel!

A new 10 story building designed by Michael Kang Architects will soon begin to rise at 29-12 40th Avenue, right off 29th Street.

Construction on the 76-room hotel is expected to last until the very end of 2014.


65-room Hotel to Rise in Queens Plaza

Big surprise! Yet another hotel is coming Long Island City.  Arc Architecture + Design is planning a 14-story, 65-unit hotel at 41-32 27th Street, between Queens Plaza North and 41st Avenue.

This is just a few blocks away from Hotel Vetiver, the 12-story, 116-room project which is presently under construction at 38-28 27th Street.

The chain which will operate the new 34,272 square feet hotel has not yet been disclosed.


Spaceship Hotel to Land in Sunset Park

North Brooklyn may be having a hotel renaissance, but let's not forget about the rest of the borough. In Sunset Park, a futuristic six-story hotel will soon be rising at 457 39th Street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

Work has recently begun on the Swiss cheese-like building designed by Michael Kang Architects.

The 70-unit hotel project will include 20,000 square feet of commercial space, an exercise room, restaurant and outdoor parking lot.

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