Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forest City Ratner’s Modular Factory in Brooklyn Navy Yard

Forest City Ratner believes modular construction will grow increasingly common in New York City high-rise development and that is one reason the firm has established a modular factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Utilizing modular construction for the 34-story, 340,000-square-foot residential building set to rise in Atlantic Yards could cut the construction time of the project by one-third to just 12 months.

Even as costs are reduced, the construction method will not impact future tenants in the rental building. Those realities will compel more developers to deploy the technique.

“The fact is that modular construction is coming,” Maryanne Gilmartin, an executive vice president at Forest City Ratner, said. As a result, Forest City Ratner expects the modular factory it is developing at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to be rented out by competing development firms.

For now, approximately 60 percent of the work on the forthcoming tower, which would be the tallest tower in the world constructed with the modular method, will be completed at its factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.