Monday, July 15, 2013

New York-Presbyterian Scales Back Development Plans

One of the nation's best hospitals doesn't have enough money to go forward with plans for a new maternity ward. New York-Presbyterian Hospital announced in July 2012 plans to build an eco-friendly, 15-story building on York Avenue, between East 68 and 69th streets, that would house an ambulatory care center and maternity facility. But one year later, officials there said they now only have money for the ACC.

The scaling back was first mentioned at a Community Board meeting on July 11 and later confirmed by New York-Presbyterian.

Ellie Dalton, vice president of facilities at New York Presbyterian, said that the hospital would start with the ambulatory care center and "if and when we have additional fundraising, we will then proceed with the maternity hospital."

See ElectricWeb | Bogger, Mar 24, 2013 ]

A hospital spokesperson explained that funding is "in place to move forward" with construction of the ACC, but plans for the maternity program will be temporarily suspended.

The building will still be developed so that maternity programming can be brought into the space — if the hospital can raise enough cash.

"We will incorporate the maternity services component into the design and infrastructure so that should funds become available." Officials did not share specifics about the costs needed to build the maternity ward.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital — which is nationally recognized and ranked No. 1 in the city and metropolitan area — previously said the forthcoming facility would include 12 operating and 12 endoscopy rooms as well as private rooms for mothers and newborns.

The expansion will replace two residential buildings, which mostly house hospital staff. Asbestos removal, which these buildings must undergo before demolition, will begin August 1.