Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Supply House Installs PV System to Power Headquarters

A 90 year old family owned and operated electrical supply business has installed a 78kw photovoltaic system to power their headquarters. The solar array is the largest on Staten Island, and is expected to save Total Electrical Distributors approximately $22,000-$24,000 per year on their electrical bills.

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Press Release:

Staten Island, NY- Today, Total Electrical Distributors, Inc. which is a 90 year old family owned and operated electrical supply business in Mariners Harbor area of Staten Island, had their electrical utility company (ConEdison) roll in with their large bucket truck and inspect and commission their 78kw solar installation system.

To date, this is the largest solar (PV) array on Staten Island, NY. It will save Total Electrical approximately $22,000-$24,000 per year on their electrical bills. This amount of savings reflects what is called " net zero".

This means that the amount of solar panels designed for the buildings historical electrical usage was designed so that the amount that it uses is equal to the amount that is allowable to generate and have the local utility buy back the electricity that is generated. This is then credited to the next month. The summer months usually has the greatest generation of kilowatts because of the height of the sun in the sky in relationship to the angle of the solar panels is directly above in the sky.

In the fall, winter and spring, the generation of power is less because of the low angle that the sun is in the sky.

Total Electrical Distributors, Inc. believes so much in their present solar investment, that they are selling all solar components and B.O.S. (balance of system) other than the solar panels, where pricing is much too volatile to be warehousing and stocking them.

In addition, Total Electrical Distributors, Inc. is also installing high bay LED illumination for their warehouse lighting and outdoor security LED lighting. Employing these energy saving products, will further reduce their electrical bill and they will realize more monthly savings on their electrical bills.

Total Electrical Distributors, Inc., is stocking LED lighting of all kinds; outdoor flood lights, interior recessed lights, under counter lights, as well as commercial grade LED lighting, as demand for these products is seeing a great up swing.

Total Electrical Distributors, Inc
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Staten Island , NY  10303
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Release date: June 12, 2012