Sunday, April 14, 2013

Recessed Downlighting Fixtures for LED and CFL’s

  Topaz Lighting & Electric is proud to announce their newest division, NextWave 
  Recessed Downlighting. Nextwave offers  a select line of recessed downlighting 
  for Commercial and Residential applications. Our line of 4” and 6” recessed 
  housings are perfect for LED and CFLs, in both new and remodel construction.

Nextwave™ is considered a leader in the production of first-rate Recessed Downlighting and Fixtures for a wide range of applications in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and consumer markets.  Our fixtures are made with the highest quality materials available to ensure years of operational reliability and they are value priced. We are an excellent alternative to the giant manufacturers.We offer a broad range of products for every application including:

  • Line Voltage 6-1/4”. Recessed Cans for Sloped Ceilings
  • Universal Line Voltage 6-1/4”. Recessed Dual-Purpose Cans
  • Trims for All 6-1/4”. Line Voltage Cans
  • Line Voltage 6-1/4”. Recessed Cans for Sloped Ceilings
  • Trims for 6-1/4”. Line Voltage Sloped Ceiling Cans
  • Low Voltage 4”. Recessed Cans
  • Trims for All 4”. Low Voltage Cans
  • Low Voltage Mini Trims 3-1/4”. To 4-1/2”. Diameter
  • Electronic Transformer For Use With Mini Trims
  • Line Voltage 4”. Recessed
  • 4-7/8”. Trims for 4”. Line Voltage Cans
  • Downlighting for Compact Fluorescent Lamps Trims for Compact Fluorescent Cans
  • Fluorescent 6”, 5”and 4”

Nextwave™ recessed down lighting fixtures are sold exclusively through authorized Nextwave™ wholesale distributors.

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