Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Hotels Planned For Williamsburg Brooklyn - Part 2

Recently, developers have caught wind of the fact that Williamsburg is a place where out-of-towners might like to stay and have started slapping up hotels left and right. In addition to the big name projects, there are a bunch of lesser known jobs that are already in the pipeline and ready to be developed.

Hotel Series - Brooklyn, Part 2 


55 Wythe Avenue

A one-story warehouse at 55 Wythe Avenue is being replaced by a 20-story, 183-room luxury hotel. The 150,000-square-foot project will rise 250 feet between North 12th and North 13th streets, one block from the Wythe Hotel.

The Jetsons-like building will have underground parking for 218 cars, 20,000-square-feet of ground floor retail. The development will also house a bar/lounge and a banquet hall, along with offices on the fifth through ninth floors.

The Level Hotel will start on the 11th floor and continue up through the 20th floor.

The futuristic-looking building will have 18-23’ ceilings throughout, and will be capped by a 20,000-square-foot landscaped rooftop deck, with a restaurant.

The developer, Zelig Weiss, is no stranger to Williamsburg. Along with a partner, Weiss opened The Condor Hotel at 56 Franklin Avenue in 2010. The Condor caters to the needs of observant Jews, as well as travelers of all faiths who don’t want to shell out major cash to stay in a Manhattan hotel.

95 Wythe Avenue

Another new hotel planned for Wythe Avenue may wear its insides on the outside.

Adventurous architects HWKN have released designs for Heritage Equity Partners' new 150-room hotel planned for 96 Wythe Avenue, between North 12th and north 11th streets in
Made of brick, the 50,000-square-foot funky hotel is to be topped with steel bones, graced with balconies on one side and topped by a steel topiary that resembles a bell tower.

Although this insane design did not pass muster with community, there is still going to be a hotel built on the site - albeit, somewhat revised.

The developer has clarified that these renderings were purely speculative and that they will not be used. While the building is slated for completion within 24 months, HWKN is no longer the architect on the project.

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